Private Gulet Charter Turkey

Explore and discover a Blue Voyage between Orient and Occident from Bodrum to Antalya.

For many years, we have been sailing in one of the most beautiful sailing destination in the world - Turkey. Our many repeat customers and sailing enthusiasts confirm this almost every year.

The best way to discover the Turkish coast is on a beautiful Gulet. Explore the Turkey with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams on board of a Gulet.

We have a large portfolio offering the best Gulet Collection in Turkey. Gulet holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to discover islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

The Turkish coast provides the best sailing condition in the various cruising area.

The Turkish southeast coast with the nearby Greek Dodecanese Islands are a sailing paradise in the Mediterranean and also worldwide. Here, you can find everything the sailing heart desires! You can choose the trip and decide whether you want to be more relaxing or sporty - or a delicious cocktail of both. Sail with your dreamy night in our paradise through crystal clear water, surrounded by a charming green and varied landscape. They sail along the paths of antiquity; Turkey is rich in fascinating ancient mysteries, culture, and history. The Turkish coastline is about 7200 km and lies to the west of the Aegean Sea, to the south on the Mediterranean Sea and the north on the Black Sea.

The Turkish Aegean coast and the Turkish Mediterranean coast offer perfect sailing conditions, mostly good sailing winds, and Mediterranean climate. Here, you will find everything from the open sea to large and strongly articulated golfing with many beautifully beautiful anchor bays.

Experience dreamy fishing villages, interesting harbor towns with the flair of Mediterranean life, oriental bazaars and, of course, the excellent Turkish cuisine in rustic tavernas or top restaurants. Only a few Mediterranean districts are rich in cultural diversity, hospitality and cordiality to Turkey and its people.

The most beautiful routes are between the fashionable Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, Kalkan, Kas and the historical Kekova Golf / Kekova Roads.

We start our trip description in Bodrum; the largest city on the Bodrum peninsula, which still likes to adorn itself with its Greek name Halikarnassos.

Bodrum is considered the Saint-Tropez of Turkey and is currently one of the few real hotspots in the world. Formula 1 veteran Flavio Briatore maintains the "Billionaire's Club" with an open-air dance floor, and Robert de Niro the "Nobu" club with a branch of his outstanding Japanese restaurant. Not surprisingly, this is where the largest Megayachts anchor.

Despite all this, Bodrum is casual and simply cool. No beds castles but you will find Mediterranean flair and beautiful villages as well as design hotels and noble beach clubs.

The perfect mix. The center of Bodrum's lively harbor, which is located in the old town, is the St. Peter's Castle, built in the 15th century by Knights of St John.

In front of the picturesque backdrop of Bodrum with its small white houses, hundreds of sailing yachts, motor yachts, Gulets and excursion boats are moored or anchored.

The bazaar which is located in the old town consists of a long and winding alley with countless shops, boutiques, many small cafes, tavernas, restaurants and clubs, most of which have a small beach.

A great place for chilling can be found for example; Beach Club "Café del Mar" with a view to the Halicarnass, the anchored yachts and the castle. There are also cocktails, snacks, lounge music, sunbathing and a relaxed public. Simply fantastic! Bodrum offers a wide range of cruising options. In the north, you can reach Turgutreis, Gümüslük, Yalikavak, and Turkbükü or along the route of the BlueVoyage in the green Gökova Golf with its beautiful bays.

The most beautiful trip sail east to the historic Knidos and further through the Strait of Rhodes, past the protected bay Palamut, Overbükü and along the Greek island Symi to the Hisarönu Golf. Here, you will find the dream bays Dirsek and Sailor Paradies as well as the wonderful village Selimiye. Places where you just have to linger. Continue through Yesilova Golf with a visit to Bozburun or Sögüt.

A few miles further east, just beyond the Cape Karaburun, on the  Strait of Rhodes, just 12 miles from Rhodes / Mandraki, lies the ancient Loryma - today's Bozukkale. In ancient times, Bozukkale was the port of Rhodes. Even today the well-preserved castle walls can be seen at the entrance. A walk to the castle wall should be done in any case to observe the breathtaking view of the Rhodes Strait and also the incoming or outgoing yachts in the bay. 

Serce Liman, Arab Adasi, Ciftlik, and Kumlubükü are on our way before we reach Marmaris, which is located in a large, natural bay surrounded by mountain peaks covered by pine forests. Marmaris is one of the largest charter ports in the eastern Mediterranean, with various cruising options.

Marmaris is a pretty and interesting harbor town with a historical castel in the harbor, which is located in the middle of the old town around which the life pulsates.

Bars, cafes, taverns, restaurants, small markets, numerous shops and boutiques. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of oriental shopping.

We continue with a moderate day trip to Ekincik, which is right next to the breathtaking nature reserve of the Dalyan Delta.

Enjoy a ride on a small fishing boat through this unique reed delta, along with the ancient and not yet excavated city of Kaunos to the sleepy village of Dalyan.

The Köyce─čiz Gölü /Lake connect the Dalyan Delta with the Mediterranean Sea. In the Dalyan Delta, you will find numerous historical cultural sites, rock tombs, the ancient city of Kaunos with its agora and countless natural beauty.

The sea turtles Caretta breed at the lowland Iztuzu beach. Caretta. The Iztuzu beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Göcek Golf and the Fethiye Golf are only a short day cruise away. The Göcek Golf offers numerous fantastic bays, some of which offer some authentic tavernas with delicious Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, for example.

Sarsala, Kapi Creek, Nomad Tomb Bay, Bokynuz Bükü, Wallbay or Tersane Adasi.

The harbor town of Göcek is a great start and bunker harbor which is only 20 minutes from Dalaman airport. Fethiye can be reached within a short distance.

A highlight is the fish market with an incredible atmosphere. The selected fish is prepared for you in one of the tavernas of the market.

An excursion to the famous sights of the Lycians coast, with a visit to the Saklikent, Tlos, Xanthoos, Letoonia or Patara, guarantees a trip to breathtaking canyons, whitewater, and the ancient world.

Further east, we sail to the Gemiler Adasi with its ruins of the ancient world and to the Coldwater Bay from which it is only a walk to the deserted Greek village of Kayaköy.

The legendary lagoon "Ölü Deniz" is located next to it. This is the most beautiful view, enjoyed with a paragliding tandem jump from the Baba Dag Mountain. 

The influence of the Meltemi leaves here. The watercolors in front of the long sandy beach of Patra are transformed into almost surreal turquoise colors.