Incentives Cruise

Gulet Incentive & Business Charter

Specialized on incentive programs, we not only offer our clients an excellent service but above all a memorable experience and thus fulfill what the goal and objective of every incentive should be. Whether it is an unforgettable evening in a historic venue, a concert in the midst of nature, a cruise on a luxurious yacht or a meeting with exceptional personalities, our offer will inspire every client. There are no limits to our imagination, and together with you, we will create a program which will for sure, live up to your expectations.

Private Gulet holidays have always been a favored type in Mediterranean or Aegean getaways. 

What about considering such a rewarding holiday as an incentive for your company team members and management?  Such incentive yacht charters are ideal for motivation and innovation.  In the world of business today, your most important asset is your employees.  The team that makes your company tick. One of the remaining rewards for corporate incentives is certainly a holiday getaway on a luxurious Gulet, Motorsailer, and a Sailing Yacht. This is a lifetime experience that will be remembered for years.

Experience an incentive on a different level, custom made to meet your needs and pleasure, all at your own pace. Sail to any one of the islands nearby as you so wish, delight in tropical climates, and experience the best of what your Gulet sailing destinations have to offer while you are impressed with one Mediterranean cultural culinary joy after another.

Customize every aspect of your voyage, from dining and entertainment to shore excursions, group functions, and activities; up to date multimedia facilities and meeting areas, as smartly as wifi access and audio/visible apparatus. This basically implies you can additionally set your industry time table while aboard.

A corporate yacht charter offers a new and exciting travel experience. Enhanced camaraderie from sharing a new travel experience creates a bond with your team.

In our portfolio, there are some High Deluxe Gulets between 30 m – 63 m with offering 11–18 double cabins, just perfect for your Incentive or Business meeting

You will experience an unmatched degree of personal carrier from our dedicated crew and seasoned professionals.

From VIP Gulets to luxury class Gulets, Yacht Solution Group charter will find the proper Turkish Gulet and destinations for you. 

We can happily assist you to create an effective, fantastic and unforgettable incentive & Business Meeting on board of a Gulet.