Gulet Crew

The crew is one of the most important parts of your holidays.The quality of the crew is one of the most essential parts of what makes a Gulet reputable and desirable.

A crewed Gulet offers you the service and comfort unlike any luxury hotel. With accommodation, meals, drinks, fuel, equipment and ...

On a private crewed Gulet charter holidays you have ultimate freedom and privacy. You may do whatever you like and dine whenever you like, your party is exclusively attended by a professional, dedicated and friendly crew

Your Gulet crew is always there to make sure that you and your loved ones enjoy the Gulet charter in turkey to the fullest. One of the most important components of a gulet cruise in turkey as an option is the first class service and utmost attention you receive.

Each Gulet from our offer has crew service incorporated into the cruising cost and the number of the crew members relies on the size and the quality of service provided. Usually, a minimum of 3 members goes onboard smaller 3 or 4 cabins Gulets while 4 or 5 members go on more luxury Gulets from our offer. Know that regardless the number of crew members on board a Gulet, you never need to operate the boat yourself, cook or serve the food or clean your cabins.

CAPTAIN: The Gulet captain is an experienced and passionate seafarers and has expert local knowledge. He will drive the Gulet and is responsible to take you safely to your next destination. The captain is the no.1 person on board, his responsibilities are huge and he has the final word about the itinerary. The captain is making sure that you get the most enjoyment out of your cruise! He know’s the best anchorages, amazing places, ports, beaches, snorkeling, fishing grounds and other onshore activities. Life on board the gulet will seem casual and carefree for guests, but the captain is still be responsible for everyone’s safety at all times.To this end, positive communication between the captain and the guest is key to having a smooth cruise, since the captain is accountable for your cruise and can suggest some of the exciting places to visit.

Chef: The chef is the cook who is in charge of surprising you by preparing many of delicious and tasteful specialties every day. Only the best chefs with the best references will create your meals on board of our Gulet Collection. The Mediterranean cuisine is one of the finest in the world. It is the result of a cultural heritage of good cooking using the freshest of ingredients and sophisticated recipes. You will enjoy tasting the elegantly presented fruits, the vegetables, the beef, the chicken and especially the seafood. You will not dream about restaurant food while you are aboard one of the cruising Gulets from our offer as our professional and experienced cook will provide you with gourmet meals with the home-made touch. The local specialties prepared by chef will surely be one of the memorable things from your cruise. 

Deckhand / Steward /Sailor: is a person who is in charge of helping the captain, he is often the captain’s assistant. Sailor will make sure that all the small things are functioning properly. He is often in charge of serving the food and drinks and he is always at the disposal of the guests. He is also in charge of the Interior, Exterior cleaning, deck work and maintenance. He is a very welcoming, communicative and courteous person who will be able to give you all sort of useful information.

Hostess: is a person who is in charge of cleaning and preparing your cabins, Interior and Exterior cleaning. She’s also in the service of serving your food and drinks and she is always at the disposal of the guests.