Finest Food


Food is one of the most important aspects of your Gulet holidays, and we are committed to serving first class meals on all our charters.

When you charter a Gulet in Turkey, you also get a chef that prepares your food. Culinary experience on a Gulet is always special and is one of the most important things on your holiday.

Every time you sit in front of your table, it should be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Food on Gulets is not meant just to make you full. It should be a memory you will have for the rest of your life.

Dining with a beautiful view in the shade of a sunshade aboard our Gulets in stunning coves or in front of picturesque fishing villages make every meal a real feast for all senses.

Only the best chefs with the best references will create your meals on board of these yachts. The Mediterranean cuisine is one of the finest in the world. It is the result of a cultural heritage of healthy cooking using the freshest of ingredients and sophisticated recipes.  The Turkish cuisine is a fascinating mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cooking with Persian influences.

The menu styles:

  • The Standard menu is generous in chicken, pasta, ample vegetables and salads, a fish menu and a meat menu, and the daily classic Turkish breakfast of cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and tea. The menu is standard food, where you will enjoy nice food and when you will surely not be hungry. It comprises of hot or cold dishes, main courses with a side dish, and some fruit or dessert. Even standard food in Turkey is delicious and good. Expect fish to be served once or twice a week. 
  • The choice of a Luxury menu offers extras with the classic breakfast, seafood plus fish, and a variety of mezes and vegetable dishes.The luxury menu has a bigger variety of food. You have more “mezes”, different options for appetizers, and several side dish options with lunch and dinner. You also get more fish meals, and you have more variety with breakfast. With a Luxury menu, it is not only about “killing the hunger ”, but it is more about the enjoyment and experience that eating provides you.

  • The Deluxe Menu employs the full talents of the chef with different preparations of fish, or meat, and much more seafood presented as imaginative dishes and classic Turkish cuisine; you will be amazed by the choice.The deluxe menu is for gourmets that like to enjoy life and food to the fullest. The table is full of different portions and also prepared in a way you will remember, for a long time.
  • The VIP Menu invites the Gulet guests to culinary journey.Your table will be loaded with various dishes prepared from the very best seasonal foods, and luxury choice of seafood such as lobsters and other produce as wished for. Superb dishes and classic Turkish cuisine will make each meal memorable.VIP food menus are all about a culinary experience that fits incredibly well with the scenery . The VIP Menu is for gourmets and fine food lovers; when only the very best will do.

Advice when it comes to food – Don’t save money

If you are on a budget, we always recommend booking a 3-star Gulet and choosing 4-star food, rather than the other way around.

Five years after your cruise, you will not remember the cabin where you slept. But you will remember the food you had. Never save money on food.

This excellent food with the added pleasure of dining on your Gulet’s aft deck makes a pleasurable culinary experience and a memorable part of your charter Gulet holidays.

You enjoy your meals on a large dining table on the spacious aft deck of the Gulet, always in the shade and overlooking the bay, the sea, and other beautiful scenic. Meals are always a highlight on board and lots of fun, especially when the entire group gets together. 

Food is almost never served in the salon. This happens only if the weather is terribly bad, which is incredibly rare in Turkey between May and October

In fact, food and wine taste even better when enjoyed in the open air on deck overlooking a stunning Mediterranean bay under the stars at night.

Gulets are provisioned early in the morning by our local team, using only local produce fresh ingredients which are mostly organic, and all meals are prepared by your own chef on board for the ultimate alfresco dining experience. 

Please be sure to inform us of any special dietary requirements you may have so that the chef can prepare accordingly.

Perhaps, the most important thing about a Gulet charter is that most of the Gulets allow you to bring drinks or alcoholic beverages at no fee. 

Just some charter Gulets have bar sales; there, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks on board. 

However, if there is no bar, feel free to bring as much drink as you want. 

Simply prepare your preference list including beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, that you would like to stock on board and it will be taken care of. If you are interested in trying a selection of locally produced premium wine, or top shelf champagnes from around the globe, just let us know. You’ll pay the local supermarket price.

You are free to decide on the menu depending on your preferences. The provisioning is made in advance according to your wishes or your special dietary requirements and health conditions, such as gluten-free, and diabetes foods. This is something we agree about with our guests much before the cruising begins – all the guest are asked to fill in the preference list. 

During the cruise, depending on your itinerary, provisioning stock up on food and drink can also be made at harbors along the route.

Our team will assist to organize your provisioning.

Excellent and very best service is the first aim on board of our Gulet Charter Collection.

Just relax and enjoy